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7 Fun And Unique Activities You Have To Try in 2018

You’ve probably done all you could ever think of on this little red. From visiting famous theme parks to shopping till you drop, these are just some of the typical things Singaporeans love to do. But don’t fret, Singapore has much to offer than just the above mentioned. On top of that, you can expect new activities to do each year. So here are 7 fun and unique activities to try in 2018!

1. Take part in a game of underwater hockey

Image credits to The Straits Times.

It’s not everyday that you’ll hear someone say, “let’s play underwater hockey!”. This one is for the people who want to play sports but hate sweating. The underwater hockey sport requires the use of a mask, snorkel, fins, stick, glove, and polo caps. Also not forgetting that you need to be able to swim in the pool that goes as deep as 4m – as that’s the starting point. Interested to join in the fun? Head down to Queenstown Swimming complex to join the Singapore Underwater Hockey Club in their twice-weekly game sessions.

2. Freefall from 50m high

If you haven’t done the craziest thing yet, it’s about time you do to begin the year right. AJ Hackett Sentosa offers you Singapore’s first bungy tower as tall as 50m. To put it into perspective, it’s as tall as a 17-storey HDB flat. Looking at the activity from below seems like a piece of cake. But wait till you’re at the top and about to jump off – you might chicken out at the last minute. Whether you’re a girly girl or a macho man, you’re going to end up screaming for your dear life. Click here to find out about our experience on trying all the adrenaline-pumping activities at AJ Hackett!

3. Be an archer for a day

Image credits to Combat Archery.

Ever wanted to shoot someone so badly? Or hint your eye candy? Complete this mission with a game of combat archery tag by The Fun Empire! With a bow in hand and an arrow on the other, begin shooting your opponents. It can get pretty intense mid-way through the game so ensure you up your game to stay in the team. Once you’re hit by the arrow, you’re out. It’s a fun game and definitely a unique way to bond over with the company you’re playing together. There are variants to this game so rest assured many rounds of it won’t bore you out. All in all, combat archery tag teaches you how to work as a team and tests your awareness.

4. Bump your day or night away

Image credits to Bubble Bump Singapore.

If you would love to bump into someone purposely, bubble bump it is. This game is a hybrid of soccer and rugby put into one. There are games such as bubble soccer and bubble invasion for you to try. Yes, you’d be suited up in a cool bubble suit which makes falling in any position possible. Don’t ever underestimate a game of bubble bump! While the bubble suits are light and easy to carry, it could get heavy after awhile. A round of running and bumping for 5 minutes is enough to tire you out. Give this a try and have a bumping good time!

5. Conquer the X-Park obstacle course

Image credits to trip advisor Singapore.

X-Park is known as Singapore’s first and only indoor adventure challenge which includes jumping, climbing, and free-running. The obstacle courses here have been specially designed with the world’s best parkour and bouldering courses. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, challenge yourselves through these obstacle courses. Learn from masters and improve with every session that you’re back at the X-Park. Time to be a monkey!

6. Stretch it out with a cat

Image credits to Her World.

We’ve all dreamt of doing yoga in hopes to be more flexible. But if you’re still not motivated enough to go to a class, White Cat Yoga might help. And it’s what you think – yoga with cats. Classes will be tailored according to your fitness level as it’s open to only 2 students at a time. This means more time with your yoga instructor and bonding with the friendly felines. They conduct classes on Fridays at cat cafe Neko no Niwa in Boat Quay. Call your girlfriends or your other half for this once in a lifetime experience.

7. Shoot your enemies

Image credits to The Fun Empire.

Shooting someone with a gun will land you in jail but not when you do it with a laser tag gun. Whether young or old, laser tag by The Fun Empire can be played by everyone! This game can accommodate up to 10 players at a time so make sure you ask your friends along. There are also multiple game modes for you to choose from such as domination, revival, and capture the flag. Unlike laser quest, the laser tag guns are smaller and lighter. It’s no surprise if you end up running from end to end of a pitch with ease. And just like that, you’re also clocking in some workout!

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