7 Tips To Not Overeat During Chinese New Year

Christmas has become a thing of the past so quickly. What’s next is Chinese New Year! With the decors up and music planning in shopping malls, it’s sure to put you in the festive mood. Think of all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts, and steamboat you’re going to have. Huat ah! Before that, here are 7 tips to not overeat during this year’s Chinese New Year!

1. Plan ahead for your meals

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When it comes to any festive season, be ready to stuff your faces with lots of food. From reunion lunches to visiting, there’s never going to be an end to it. So if you’re planning not to overeat, plan ahead. Those having their reunion lunch at restaurants can also plan ahead by looking through their menu and opt for healthier dishes. On the other hand, if they’re at home, you can ask the owner beforehand on what they’re preparing. Then bring your own healthy dish to complement the meal.

2. Stay active

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The most obvious thing to do is to actually get a workout done. It could be anything from swimming to brisk walking or even a game of tag. As long as you’re staying active, you wouldn’t have to worry about how much you’re eating later. Plus, you can eat all you want without feeling guilty. That sounds like a plan.

3. Stay hydrated

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The number 1 rule when going visiting is to stay hydrated. We know that visiting also means drinking a ton of gassy drinks which every house serves and this isn’t ideal for quenching your thirst. A better option would be asking for a glass of plain water. If you’re mildly hydrated, your body might mistake it for hunger. Before you reach out for another piece of bak kwa, drink up first. You can also never go wrong with drinking plain water as this helps to flush out wastes from all the feasting.

4. Never miss out on a meal

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Don’t skip meals just because you’re going to have a big feast later on. Ensure that you never miss out on a meal and eat them on time. Skipping meals would also mean ending up binge eating after. Instead, have a balanced meal where your plate is filled with a quarter of lean protein and rice while half of the plate is made up of vegetables. Don’t forget to get some fruits or dairy to complete your meal.

5. Eat in moderation

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Yes, you can eat all you want but the key is to eat them in moderation. Banning yourself from consuming any form of snack seems absurd. So limit yourselves to having only 1 to 2 pieces of that particular snack. In this case, pineapple tarts. When it’s time to eat, get yourself a smaller plate than the rest. This will allow you to limit your intake by putting lesser on the plate.

6. Choose your carbs wisely

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As Asians, we grew up with carbs being our staple food. We simply can’t get enough of rice with the assorted dishes. But there’s such a thing where carbs have a higher impact on our blood sugar levels compared to fats and protein. Low glycemic foods are carbs that are slowly digested and doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels as much. On the other hand, high glycemic foods are those that digest quickly and cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. Try to limit your consumption of processed carbs and go for fibre-rich foods.

7. Get enough sleep

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Chinese New Year is incomplete without the late night mahjong and card games. Though it’s fun, it’s one of the reasons why you’re lacking sleep. The inadequate sleep can result in making bad food choices and cancelling of a workout due to fatigue. Also, we tend to eat more when tired but still feel unsatisfied in hopes to stay awake. Try to get naps in between journey to places so that you’ll feel a little more energised!

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