8 Online Retailers To Complete Your 2018 CNY #ootd

Chinese New Year is a festive occasion where families get together happily! It’s one of the occasions that we look forward to the most every year as there is something for everyone. Relatives get to chat and catch up with each other, cousins have their annual gambling session, while kids get to receive countless red packets! However, one of the most important aspects of CNY has to be the dressing up! During this festive season, there is no overdressed, only the underdressed. It is common for girls to worry about our outfits even weeks before CNY! Thus, with only a month left to CNY, we have compiled 8 online retailers to complete your 2018 CNY #ootd and impress all your relatives!

1. Love, Bonito

CNY #ootd

Image credits to Love, Bonito.

Those who do online shopping regularly should be no stranger to this clothing store. Love, Bonito has been around for a while, providing fashionable clothes catering to young women, in particular office ladies. You know where to go to step up your OL fashion game! For CNY this year, Love, Bonito has even come up with a section on their website titled “CNY 2018 Exclusive”! This section is filled with stylish clothes incorporating classic designs as well as the latest trends. You can expect pieces that catch your eye immediately but are very wearable and not too loud. Shop away here!

2. The Closet Lover

CNY #ootd

Image credits to The Closet Lover.

If you’re one of those people who buys clothes for CNY but only dons the outfits once, you gotta check TCL out. The online retailer’s CNY 2018 section features many fashionable pieces with floral details that is sure to brighten up your look! Although it might sound like too much for your everyday wardrobe, their clothes for this section are simple with pastel hues, making it suitable for those who want an outfit that can be worn again easily after CNY. They even have cheongsams that retain a bit of the traditional element, but are tweaked to incorporate modern trends such as pleats as pictured above. Click here to spice up your CNY wardrobe now!

3. The Stage Walk

CNY #ootd

Image credits to The Stage Walk.

Established in 2008, The Stage Walk is a trendy online retailer that carries not only clothing items, but also shoes, bags, jewelry and even phone cases! In their “New In” section, TSW features many pieces suitable for CNY 2018. These apparels include an abundance of floral and red/pink pieces, and even accessories such as statement necklaces and earrings to go along with your outfit. TSW also has a few modern cheongsams for you to take your pick from! Their versions of cheongsams are closer to the traditional ones, with a hint of modernism with the use of softer materials and looser cutting so you can eat your fill of pineapple tarts! Find your perfect CNY outfit here.

4. Neonmello

CNY #ootd

Image credits to Neonmello.

For this year’s CNY #ootd, head over to Neonmello for their brightly coloured clothes! The Neonmello Lunar Series features embroidery designs and pastel tones that are suitable for the younger crowd. If you prefer a more mature look, Neonmello also has crochet and lace dresses that are in deeper reds and blues, making it suitable for both the festive season and work!

5. Topazette

CNY #ootd

Image credits to Topazette.

Topazette was established in 2009, but revamped in 2013 to provide a better online shopping experience. Topazette has a section on their website dedicated to their own “CNY 2018 Picks”! This section features many trendy clothes, mostly in shades of white, red and navy. However, our favourite of the lot has to be their unique ombré dresses, which bear an uncanny resemblance to the famous Elie Saab ombré gown that was worn by Lily Collins! Find your perfect outfit here.

6. All Would Envy

CNY #ootd

Image credits to All Would Envy.

Founded in 2013, All Would Envy is one of the newer online retailers on the list. However, this doesn’t make their apparels any lesser than others. AWE’s CNY 2018 collection is plastered with trendy brightly coloured items! Despite the lack of loud prints, AWE’s collection is very work-friendly and definitely can be worn again after the festive season! Click here to shop away!

7. MGP Label

CNY #ootd

Image credits to MGP Label.

A brainchild of couple Angela and Keith, MGP label is a regional online retailer in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The brand prides itself in its affordable and quality fast fashion to young working ladies. Its CNY 2018 collection is filled with modern cheongsams that incorporate current trends such as lace details! You also have a variety of colours to choose from, such as classy wine red, sweet pink, or even a nice pastel yellow hue. Shop for your modern cheongsam here!

8. Dressabelle

CNY #ootd

Image credits to Dressabelle.

If you’re into loud floral prints, Dressabelle is the place to buy your CNY outfits. The label’s Lunar New Year collection is filled with floral pieces on colours that are more subtle. They also offer a selection of bags to go with the outfits! Even though Dressabelle’s CNY collection is relatively small, we’re sure you can find other outfits suitable for the season in other sections of their website. This includes trendy wrap and swing dresses, as well as lace and peplum tops and dresses! Shop away here now!

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