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8 Street Foods in Jakarta You Die Die Must Try

Touted as the world’s worst traffic, Jakarta is still a place where Singaporeans love to visit. Besides the cheap shopping, we love the Indonesian cuisine too. None of us would’ve been able to resist the mouth-watering street food selling at cheap prices. We’d do anything even if it means having to go through hours of the traffic jam to get that particular food. So here are 8 street foods in Jakarta you must try!

1. Martabak Manis

Image credits to Reservasi Blog.

Also known as a sweet stuffed pancake, this street dessert is popular among the locals. It’s not just any ordinary pancake which you can get from the pasar malam. The martabak is usually paired with sweet ingredients such as cheese, condensed milk, chocolate rice, Nutella, and even Toblerone. Jakarta may be a little too far for you to just give this a try. But luckily, J Town Cafe at Midpoint Orchard sells Indonesian food and they offer martabak manis on the menu as well! The ones from J Town are as close as you can get to taste the original.

2. Gado-Gado

Image credits to Vimeo.

Think of the Gado-Gado as a salad except that it’s way better! Tossed in a bowl, the Indonesian Gado-Gado comprises of vegetables, fried tofu, fried fermented beans, crackers and boiled eggs. To top it all off, some spicy peanut sauce will be drizzled on top of the ingredients. It may be spicy to some but for those who can handle spice, this gives a good kick.

3. Gorengan

Image credits to Indo Surf Life.

Just by the looks of the picture, you would’ve guessed that gorengan is everything fried food. It’s something like Old Chang Kee but the Indonesian version. Expect deep fried items such as fermented soy beans, tofu, spring rolls, yam, pineapple, and many others. The best part about gorengan is being able to mix and match the items that you’d like and eat on the go. Oh yes, prepare some tissue and a bottled water for it’s really oily!

4. Otak-Otak

Image credits to NESIA.ID.

Otak-otak is a dish that’s most familiar to us as we have our very own version of it. However, the Indonesian version of otak-otak takes a different twist. It’s mostly pale white with little chilli in the fish paste mix which is perfect for those who can’t handle spice. The otak-otak is mainly made from wahoo fish, coconut milk, lemongrass, and some spices then grilled or steamed in banana leaf. Once ready, dip it into the spicy peanut sauce to give it a little more taste.

5. Siomay

Image credits to Qraved.

Siomay is a kind of dumpling. We’d normally have the chicken and prawn dumplings but Jakarta has theirs different. Over here, the siomay is filled with fish paste and vegetables. They offer other variants such as tuna and even mackerel dumplings. You can ensure freshness in these snacks as it’s made on the spot and served to you while still hot. The store owners would usually slice the dumplings into bite-sizes before drenching it in spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.

6. Ketoprak

Image credits to Food Sweety.

You can’t leave Jakarta without giving its standard street food a try – the ketoprak. This hearty meal consists of vegetables, fried tofu, steamed rice cake, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, and a boiled egg. And just like most snacks, a dish is incomplete without the spicy peanut sauce. It’s finished off with sprinkles of fried shallots and some pieces of crackers!

7. Bebek Goreng

Image credits to Sethlui.

If you’re a fan of duck, Jakarta’s bebek goreng (fried duck) is to die for. It goes by the name of Nasi Bebek which translates to duck rice too. This dish is typically eaten with rice and served with a side of spicy sambal belacan. The duck has been marinated in several spices like galangal ginger, lemongrass, bay leaves, and cumin. After that’s done, it’s deep fried into a pan of hot oil till it’s brown and crispy. Here’s a tip: eat it with your hands and you’ll feel the satisfaction after. Finger licking good? Heck yes.

8. Pisang Coklat

Image credits to ResepKoki.

Craving for something sweet? Grab a plate of Pisang Coklat or chocolate banana which is so sinfully good. They’re sliced bananas with generous amounts of chocolate wrapped in a pancake and deep fried. As if melted oozing chocolate isn’t enough, it’s topped with drizzles of chocolate. So sinfully good and worth the calories!

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