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    5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Light To Night Festival 2018

    I’m sure you must have heard of the Light to Night Festival that will be here from 19-28 January by now. Back for it’s second edition, the festival boasts of over 30 works of art within the civic district. These include visual installations, music, dance, and literary performances. Night owls who are searching for interesting things […] More

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    7 Tips To Not Overeat During Chinese New Year

    Christmas has become a thing of the past so quickly. What’s next is Chinese New Year! With the decors up and music planning in shopping malls, it’s sure to put you in the festive mood. Think of all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts, and steamboat you’re going to have. Huat ah! Before that, here are […] More

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    8 Online Retailers To Complete Your 2018 CNY #ootd

    Chinese New Year is a festive occasion where families get together happily! It’s one of the occasions that we look forward to the most every year as there is something for everyone. Relatives get to chat and catch up with each other, cousins have their annual gambling session, while kids get to receive countless red […] More

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    7 Fun And Unique Activities You Have To Try in 2018

    You’ve probably done all you could ever think of on this little red. From visiting famous theme parks to shopping till you drop, these are just some of the typical things Singaporeans love to do. But don’t fret, Singapore has much to offer than just the above mentioned. On top of that, you can expect […] More

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    8 Street Foods in Jakarta You Die Die Must Try

    Touted as the world’s worst traffic, Jakarta is still a place where Singaporeans love to visit. Besides the cheap shopping, we love the Indonesian cuisine too. None of us would’ve been able to resist the mouth-watering street food selling at cheap prices. We’d do anything even if it means having to go through hours of […] More